• General maintenance

  • JHB Electricians provide general maintenance which includes ways in which to cut your electricity bill.

    For example, we can fit a timer to your geyser to regulate the length of time your geyser is switched on, giving you hot water when you need it, but without wasting electricity while water is keeping itself hot when you don't need it.

    JHB Electricians can fit an insulating blanket to your geyser, as well as hot water supply pipes to reduce the amount of heat loss, therefor reducing the amount of electricity needed to keep the water hot.Other services include heat pump installations which reduce the electricity consumption of your geyser by 70%, as well as installation of energy efficient bulbs which will reduce your energy consumption.

    We are able to supply you with the latest in LED lighting technology. 

    We deal with electricity in the home including:

    • House Rewiring

    • Geysers

    • Maintenance

    • Fault Finding and Repairs

    • Prepaid Meters

    JHB Electricians prides itself in using the latest technology to provide you with the most efficient electric services.