• Electrical Installation

  • We provide top residential, Commercial & industrial electrical installation services, with all electrical installations designed according to relevant standards, and with electrical equipment which complies with the relevant product standards.

    We offer a wide range of electrical installation services, including shop fitting electrical alterations; Prepaid Meter replacements;  Supply, repair and installation of control gear for light fittings; Stove repair; Geyser energy control & Repair;  Service and maintenance of installations and DB’s; Duct and Diffuser Additions; and Small type split units.

    We provide efficient installation of light and plug points, power skirting and cable rays, electricity plugs, distribution boards, and ceiling fans. We also provide installation and maintenance of parking lights and air-conditioning systems.

    With JHB Electricians, you can count on safe and efficient electrical installation services, provided by the most experienced electricians.


    • Certificate of Compliance inspections and repairs
    • Shop fitting electrical alterations
    • Prepaid Meter replacements
    • Supply, repair and installation of control gear for light fittings.
    • Parking light maintenance and installations
    • Installation of light and plug points
    • Service and maintenance of installations and DB’s
    • Installation and repair of cables 4mm to 120mm
    • Installation of power skirting and cable rays.
    • Installation and maintenance of air-conditioning systems.
    • Duct and Diffuser Additions
    • Small type split units
    • Installation of electricity plugs
    • Light points and light fittings Installation
    • Lights operated by intelligent technology
    • Distribution boards installation
    • Ceiling fans installation
    • Stove repair
    • Geyser energy control & Repair