• Electric Gates & Garage

  • JHB Electricians efficiently & cost effective repair and install all electric gates and garage motors as well as all intercom systems.

    With our 24 hour emergency service, we are committed to ensuring that your gate operates optimally at all times.

    Garage door automation goes hand in hand with gate automation and is needed to complete any home access and security.

    We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best electric gate and garage motors for their needs, We stock the widest range of gate automation equipment and our services include light commercial, heavy-duty commercial, industrial & residential installations, repairs and servicing of HANSA, CENTURION, D5 gate motors as well as older systems such as Deluxe 1 & 2, Hyke, Metroplex, Elite, Toona 5/7 Wingo, TU, Speedo Heavy Duty, Robus 250 & 500, Vector & Run system.

    The HANSA, CENTURION & D5 gate motors are the most reliable, fast, quiet and will offer you many years of operation, Our services also include refurbishing of motors and doing upgrades.

    Our professional, skilled electricians are at your service 24/7 to help with any garage motor, remote gate, motor repair or any other service related to gate motors and garage doors.

    • D5 gate motors
    • Hansa gate motors
    • Centurion gate motors