• Certificate of Compliance

  • JHB Electricians possess a Certificate of Compliance for residential, Commercial &  industrial properties.

    An electrical compliance certificate is important because it is proof that our electrical installation is safe and complies with the rules and regulations as set out in the South African Nation Standards 10142-1. 

    An electrical compliance certificate is required by the law, as well as by insurance companies. If your property suffers damage due to an electrical fault, insurance companies expect one to produce a valid electrical certificate. Not being able to produce one may invalidate your claim.

    The tests involved in attaining an electrical compliance certificate include a physical visual examination of equipment, as well as various tests such as a high voltage insulation resistance test and a prospective short circuit current test.

    This just goes to show that we are serious about providing professional, efficient and safe service that will meet the needs of each of our valued clients. 

    • Industrial & Commercial  Certificate of Compliance
    • Residential  Certificate of Compliance
    • Horse and Trailers  Certificate of Compliance